L.A. Day 1.5

26 Jun
Universal City

I don't know if this is slightly awesome or slightly disgusting

Today is Friday.  I arrived in L.A. yesterday afternoon. A goal I am imposing on myself: I will try to respect the anonymity and privacy of the family I am nannying for and will remain from using their last names and those of the parents in all posts.

sort of like in Wisconsin, except much bigger and covered in houses

I saw the Hollywood sign driving to the house from the airport... it's just big letters on a hill. Is there something I'm missing?

I babysat last night because the parents went to the Eclipse movie premiere… but they only walked the red (it was actually black in honor of the vampires) carpet and didn’t end up staying for the actual movie.  Apparently a singer who has been a huge young star in Australia, Delta Goodrem, was at the house a few days ago to get writing help from the dad; there were 5-7 paparazzi who followed her to the driveway.  The parents went to his friend Sara Bareilles’ house for a small gathering to have a first listen to her new songs tonight.  I’ve been told stories about how the dad has taken rides on “his friend Jason Mraz’s motorcycle” (hot! no?).

Here’s the real point though: I’m a little jealous that I only know these fancy people by proxy- and if ya’ll believe in 6 degrees of separation, then we all do!  Also I’m jealous that I’m wiping sticky fingers, giving children baths, and wrestling them into pajamas while their parents are at movie premieres with sparkly vampires and appearing Waldo-like in the backs of countless pictures of who they termed “the real stars.” I know. I know.  That’s why I’m here- the only reason I’m here.

Flowers flowers everywhere. Lily likes to practice naming colors.

Good thing the girls provide endless entertainment with their knock-knock jokes that  usually are repeated two or three times in a row (by each girl) and follow this general pattern:

“Knock! Knock!”  “Who’s there?” “Abby.” “Abby who?” “Abby birthday to you…”


“Knock! Knock!” “Who’s there?” “Rock” “Rock who?” “I roooock!”

If anyone has any suggestions of knock, knock jokes I can one-up the ladies with, please share!

There's an agency near this lampost that promises to get your baby/child/infant/newborn/fetus into commercials and in acting positions... who wants me to hook their offspring up?!?

I hear I am missing a fantastic thunderstorm and a half-nude burlesque show in Mpls today. Damn.  It will be sunny, 80 degrees F, fog burned-off by 9am, and not humid here for the next 6 days says my weather widget (let me throw a little salt in your ‘feeling sorry for yourself’ wounds?).

with love, k


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