orange peels make the garbage disposal smell better

30 Jun

more pictures from the Getty

I just ate an orange… that I picked five seconds ago from the tree in the front yard (I could have picked from the one in the backyard as well, or a plum from the aptly-named plum tree).  So tasty. And juicy. And all over my hands. The lemon tree is accessed by struggling through a bank of fauna that might have been groomed at one point; I haven’t tried it yet.

This is the Australian artist who put on a “fantastic show” the other night: ; the song “Sunlight” is lovely.  This guy was at the house today: I hadn’t heard his music before today, but it’s very fun.  The dad played three rough-cut songs for Lily, me, and his visiting friends- I was trying not to cry throughout them (and not just because the speakers were that good)… I don’t exactly know why my tear ducts were feeling so awake.  I haven’t figured it out yet.  I’m enjoying myself, I really am.

There is no bike culture in L.A; I’ve called several bike shops but they’ve all said the closest rental places are beach-front shops.  Mike fell through; his bike has “gotten him through some hard times” and also cost a lot of money and I am a stranger.  I understand.  He said he’d let me know if he hears of anyone with an extra bike I might be able to use.

I’ve been doing yoga semi-regularly from a podcast (usually TeriLeigh Schmidt).  I have found out that it’s good to let the lymph in your body drain from your feet by laying down and putting your legs up, everyone stores stress/anxiousness/tension in their hip joints (so true!), when you push the two sides of your body together (hands or feet) it charges you and connects the left feminine and right masculine sides of you as one, your hands are the “doing” parts of your body, backbends can help you find the ability to forgive others.  There are more interesting comments that are slipping from memory now; I haven’t decided yet how much weight I put in these ideas (outlooks? truths?).  I do find it interesting that when TeriLeigh suggests I do something one way and then tells me exactly how I felt it in my body that yogis know something I don’t know.

Also, I opened a fortune cookie that had sat on the counter for a while.  It reads,”Get Away From Home Awhile To Restore Your Energies.” Huh.

with love, k

Buildings, buildings, as far as I can see: and somehow they look picturesque


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