Re: Monday’s take down at the playground

14 Jul

Coco, swingin' away

On Monday, Lily, Coco, and I visited the park. Lily was making sand castles and I was pushing Coco on the swing when the following occurred.  Two boys, both at least nine years of age, were playing on/with the swing next to Coco. I  had noticed that they had been staring  at Coco, but she hadn’t noticed and I recognize that stares will happen occasionally.  What made me begin to clench my fists was when the gawkers began to obviously mock Coco.  I was not going to let that continue and in an admittedly harsh and cutting tone I said, “If you boys are going to be disrespectful and mock other people, then you can find somewhere else to play.” I wish I could  have captured their expressions to share with you- one of them might have wet his drawstring sweatpants.

To note: The young woman who was in charge of the group of boys to which these two belonged was chatting on her cell phone during the unfolding of this situation.  She was directly facing the swings and made no move to assist or interfere.  I think poorly of her child care philosophies.


One Response to “Re: Monday’s take down at the playground”

  1. leah July 14, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    as someone who sometimes thinks these things but often lets them go unsaid, i applaud you for telling those boys off. respect is too important to ignore. don’t feel bad about scaring them–it’s better now than going the rest of their lives thinking they’re better because they were luckier…

    i miss you my ballsy amiga : )

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