New goals and adventures…

7 Dec

I meant to update this blog throughout the past semester… but things got busy and I wanted sleep.  Now I have a new motivation to document my activities…

I leave for Quito, Ecuador on January 17th, 2011.  I am participating in the Minnesota Studies in International Development (MSID) Ecuador program. The study abroad experience is structured so that the first half on the semester is classroom/field learning in/around Quito (which is the capital).  The second six weeks will most likely be in a more rural area completing a community service internship.  During the entire stay, I will be living with Ecuadorian host families.

Here is the link to the program website:

At the end of the program, my parents are planning on visiting me for a week (yay!). I’ll be spending one more week after that in South America before heading back to the states on May 21st.

My boyfriend will be in Norway at this time (well, plus 2 additional months)- that’s a seven hour time difference and 6,000 miles away. At least I will be warm where I am.

I plan to reflect and journal as much as I can while I am in Ecuador, though internet access will be more limited during the second half of the semester. I plan to take many pictures and will want to share them with you when I return. My skype name is “kellygregg” if y’all want to chat.

Also… If you (or anyone you know!) need a summer nanny, I am looking for a summer job. I have a great reference who you can talk with 🙂


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