9 Dec

I’m sitting in Brueggers right now (I have the 2010 bottomless coffee mug… it’s very nice). There is a young woman and (I’m making assumptions) her little, blonde-haired girl sitting in the corner. The mom is trying to chew her bagel as quickly as possible and answering her daughter’s queries in between big gulps of VitaminWater.

I really enjoyed my coffee dates with little Lily. We never had a rigorous time schedule and I could relax and take in the surroundings as she flirted with strangers and sipped her apple juice. For anyone, and not just a three year-old, she was a good person to hang out with in coffee shops.

I went to a yoga class at 6:30am this morning (yay for a free week at CorePower). I haven’t felt so great this early in the morning since…? It’s nice to be able to breathe.


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