Estoy aprendiendo…

19 Jan

(I am learning…)

Used toilet paper goes in the bin, not the toilet.

You greet everyone when you come home, with a beso on the cheek. You tell everyone when you are leaving, with a beso on the cheek.

You ask to be excused from the table (Con permiso?)- people eat together, how great!

The U.S. Embassy rates the “danger” level of Ecuador on a scale of Low, Medium, High, and Critical as the last-mentioned. Whatever. I know how to spot a legit taxi now, I’ll be just fine.

The sun is DIRECTLY above us here. Did you know that Mount Chimborazo is the closest point to the sun/the furthest from the center of the Earth?! Take that, Mt. Everest. This also means my pasty skin is especially sensitive to the rays. Yay sunscreen?

PDA is not an issue. I think it’s cute… usually.

High School Musical and Justin Beiber hold special places in the hearts of Ecuadorian pre-teens. Que triste.

Only half the cars of the city are allowed out everyday. There are high fines for violations, and jail time for the third.

MANGOS ARE SO GOOD! I already knew this though.

SO ARE AVOCADOS! Again, knew it. But seriously, it’s a dishonor to the produce in this country to try to compare it to anything in the U.S.

I am not motivated to finish my readings when there are so many other things to do and people to talk to and questions to ask. But I must, so I will sign off and share more revelations later…

Con mucho amor y un beso,


(My host dad, Carlos, said today, “The weather here is like a woman,” and then proceeded to do a roller coaster motion with his hand and explain that all types of weather will occur in one day in Quito. Era muy cómico a mi.)



One Response to “Estoy aprendiendo…”

  1. takkforthewaffles January 20, 2011 at 6:56 am #

    You know, you shouldn’t hate on the Biebs. I remember him holding quite a fond little place in your heart not so long ago…

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