Los fotos del hotel El Encanto

23 Jan


The MSID Ecuador students and three of the staff members of Cimas spent two days and one night at El Encanto- a picturesque hotel built with conservation/preservation in mind located two hours outside of Quito.

A list of some of the things we did:

~ Survived the bus ride through the mountains to and from the hotel. ~ Hiked through the cloud jungle and splashed in waterfalls that fed into the Rio Blanco. ~ Played soccer on a muddy field with biting ants. ~ Hung out in the hot tub, pool, and suana. ~ Luis taught us the basics of salsa dancing. ~ Rodrigo told us about the advanced technologies of the Incas and the magic of the Equator; he measured my electromagnetic field (which was fairly big in comparison to others’), but had me take out all my piercings first because they would’ve interfered. ~ Wrote notes to ourselves to read at the end of the semester. ~ Got to know everyone in the group better.



Rodrigo left us with three directives:

1. Write a book

2. Plant a tree

3. Have a child

I’ll leave you with those thoughts. Also with the link to the hotel we stayed at: http://www.elencantoresort.com.ec/

Mucho amor!!



One Response to “Los fotos del hotel El Encanto”

  1. Sherryse February 20, 2011 at 9:49 am #

    Wow Kelly. This place looks so amazing. Your pictures are great. I love reading about all of your adventures. We are missing you around here. Be safe and have fun!


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