Lindo Mindo

6 Feb

Bet you thought you’d see mountain pictures! Pues… I couldn’t go because the guide could only take two people and I reserved my spot too late. Apparently the two who went were able to reach the summit though and had a good time (I’m excited to hear their stories). I’ll find another weekend to make the climb.

Mindo es lindo…es la verdad, con llueve también. I’ll write a more detailed description later, but here’s a quick recap:

Sat 5-Feb-2011: a 13 line canopy tour, whitewater tubing, fantastic lunch/dinner, little walk, some drinks and cards

Sun 6-Feb-2011: breakfast with REAL coffee (so good! If I get some good coffee once a week, I think that will be sufficient), bumpy truck ride to cable car and waterfalls, hiked for one hour to reach the Big One (Cascada Reina), played in the waterfall, hiked back, went to buy return bus tickets and were told there were no more available for the day, took taxi to the highway, caught a taxi van going to Quito, took another taxi to my house, had a great dinner with my family

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