Taita Imbabura

5 Apr

On Sunday, I did indeed wake up early to go play basket with Robert, Shyri, and César (I mostly watched all the goings-on from the sideline). We got huge bowls of cevichochos afterwards for 50 centavos. Later, Luzmila, Humberto, Roberto, Shyri, César, Itumi, and I went on an adventure to see a big volcanic rock. It was a bus ride and a climb to get there and completely worth the effort. Humberto explained to me, as we were standing on top of the rock and looking below at the entire valley, how the eucalyptus trees had grown so you couldn’t see that this ceremony site had direct connections with others inbetween Taita Imbabura and Mama Cotacachi (these rocks were here because Imbabura and Cotacachi fought at one point and tried to throw rocks at each other). The rock is especially powerful at sunset and sunrise.

We ate a lunch of fruits, orange juice, bread, cheese, homemade marmelade, and chochlo at the base of the rock. Itumi led the way when we had finished and were climbing up higher to get a better view and see a natural spring. We stopped to take a rest, and moments after Luzmila said, “Oh, here comes the rain,” it started pouring. Imbabura did not want visitors at the moment, and we retreated down the mountain, sliding more than stepping at times. Then it started hailing. Pobrecito Itumi was only wearing a tshirt and I tried as best as I could to be a sheild for him (he now has a bad cough because he didn’t take his mom’s advise and bring his chompa). Luzmila and Humberto descended barefoot because their traditional slippershoes are not meant for mountain climbing in a downpour.

When we got to the bottom, we looked back and saw that Imbabura was now drenched in sun and seemed inviting (we made jokes about turning around for try number two). When we got back to the house, we downed cups of té de anise, ate pancitos, and waited for our turn in the lukewarm shower.

Later (after more comida- sopa de espinaca, chochlo, higo con queso), I went to a friends house to do yoga, and then we went to a sauna/turkish bath. It made me wish for the beach. After we had sweated out all of our toxins, we ate humitas con colada morada en la plaza de los ponchos, and then made vino hervido (with organge zest). It was a great weekend (and I completely put off all homework).

There’s a group of us going to the sauna again after yoga today. I’m thinking less and less that I need to return to the states to take Statistics this summer so I can in turn start my two-semester Sociology Honors Thesis Project. Mi compañera de casa posted a fantastic link to my facebook page about summer yoga teacher training in Argentina… I mean, the plane tickets to South America from the U.S. are expensive and I’m already here… it’s the economically smart choice to make, right?

(this slideshow includes a few pictures from the Pachamanca)

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mucho amor a todos mis queridos,



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