fanesca al máximo

21 Apr

Wed 20/4/2011:  So much rain lately- every single day, usually in the afternoon and night. The quantity is abnormal and is hindering the harvesting of plants and is turning the canchas de fútbol into swimming pools.

-Hojas de wabo are supposed to relieve stomach pains. So is penca. There’s a Wabo tree in one of the family’s chakras. Penca is all over the place (especially in medians and along fence lines), but there are two types… I think the little kind is the one you’re supposed to use.

-I tried another family’s humitas, but they ain’t got game compared to Abuela’s.

-After Adam, Regina, and I did some yoga, we hung out with Rosita and Leslie (Regina’s host mom and sister). We made jokes about the mayor (Adam’s host dad), how Leslie always says, “mentiroso!”, and about how, instead of proving my public speaking skills in spanish, I only agree to hold the “how to properly put a condom on” demonstration penis.

-Came home, helped fry roscillas- made babies, balls, circles, and pretzels out of the dough.

-The family shared pictures with me… which you can view below! Proof in image that I’m here and participating : )

Today I may go to the mayor of Cotacachi’s family’s Fanesca fest. Explanation: Regina and I were interviewing a doctor when the sister of the mayor of Cotacachi, Toa, came in and preceded to urge us to come to the festivities on Thursday because it would be a good cultural experience. My family is making fanesca as well.

mucho amor!  que le vaya bonito!

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